Social Responsibility

Knorr-Bremse Brazil believes that social responsibility is an essential factor for the success of a company. And based on this principle we developed projects to assist in the development of internal and external people focusing on the formation of citizens with basic education.

In 2005, Knorr-Bremse Formare initiated the project - a school for life, enabling teens to 20 years in a basic technical course, with the goal of developing the potential of youth enables their insertion into the labor market and also encouraging participation Voluntary employees' social projects.

Formare was created by Iochpe, nonprofit civic organization dedicated to supporting professionals and companies in its social investment programs.

The network is composed of Formare colleges operated by companies through their volunteer teachers to benefit low-income youth of the community. Courses last for one school year and its design meets the employability characteristics of the region. The tutoring is based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Education, which provides skills development and skills obtained through linking theory and practice. The courses are certified by federal institution linked to the MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture).


We also support smaller projects like collecting food for actions aiming to reduce hunger and poverty in northeast Brazil, through the NGO Friends of the Well

Amigos do bem

And through the Rouanet Law in 2008, we support the Draft NGO drops of Flower with Love in the project "Favel'Ativa" which encouraged underprivileged children and teenagers to change their reality of life through culture and education.

Gotas de Flor

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