Knorr-Bremse in Brazil

35 years of history in Brazil

1977 - 1985: Start at MWM

  • 1977: Knorr-Bremse starts its activities in Brazil with brake systems for rail vehicles within the premises of MWM. At that time the company was named IFK (Indústria Freios Knorr Ltda.)
  • Start of activities with brake systems for commercial vehicles.
  • A factory was purchased in Santo Amaro, São Paulo. After renovation and expansion it became the headquarters of Knorr-Bremse Brasil.

1986 - 2012: Consolidation and growth

  • 1986: The Indústria de Freios Knorr Ltda (IFK) transferred from MWM to the new plant in Santo Amaro. São Paulo. IFK assumes the brake systems production..
  • 1995: Creation of two divisions. System for commercial vehicles and systems for rail vehicles under the control of the holding IFK.
  • The factory reaches its capacity limits.
  • 2008: Acquisiton of a land in Itupeva..
  • 2011 - 2012: Construction of the new plant in the city of Itupeva.
  • End of 2012: Start of the transfer from São Paulo to new plant in Itupeva.

2013: Operation "best-in-class"

  • Late January 2013: End of the relocation to the new plant.
  • Layout with a focus on optimizing logistics and production processes.
  • Introduction of surface treatment (previously outsourced).
  • New planning model for logistic and production control.
  • Lean production implementation at all processes.
  • Restructuring of all production processes.
  • Design integrated with nature and prepared for future expansions.

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